Florida Green Water Snake

Scientific Name
Nerodia floridana
Also Known As
Florida Green Watersnake
All of Florida except Jacksonville Area
Amphibians, Small Fish
Life Expectancy
10 Years
The Florida Green Water Snake

Photo 44303061 © Bryan Box, CC BY-NC

Eastern Coral Snake conservation status - Least Concern

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This Snake is Not Venomous


Florida Green Water Snake in Central Florida

The Florida green water snake (Nerodia floridana) is a non-venomous colubrid species found throughout Florida and parts of southern Georgia. As its name suggests, this snake inhabits aquatic environments and is an excellent swimmer.

The green water snake is a key predator in wetland ecosystems but is also found around urban areas. This guide provides identification tips, biology facts, and information on habits, diet, reproduction, health risks, and prevention of conflict with the Florida green water snake in central Florida.

Appearance and Identification

The Florida Green Water Snake can be distinguished from look-alike species by the following characteristics

Adult Florida Green Water Snake

Photo 57060184 © J.D. Willson, CC BY-NC

Adult Eastern Coral Snake

  • Size: Adults average 2-4 feet (0.6-1.2 m) in total length. Some may exceed 5 feet (1.5 m). They are heavy-bodied snakes.
  • Color: The background color is olive to brownish-green. Darker crossbands are present in most individuals, though may fade in older adults. The underside is pale yellow or cream.
  • Pattern: The labial scales maintain a pale yellow color with each scale outlined in black, creating a distinctive checkered pattern unique to this species.
  • Head: The adult head is more distinct from the neck. The eyes are large with bronze irises. Heat-sensing pits are present between the nostril and eye.
Juvenile Florida Green Water Snake

Juvenile Eastern Coral Snake