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Squirrels may seem cute and harmless, but they can cause extensive damage to your home if left uncontrolled. At Florida Wildlife Trappers, our highly trained technicians specialize in effective and humane squirrel removal services.

Squirrels are incredibly resourceful and will find any possible way to enter your home, including small holes in siding, uncapped chimneys, loose vents, and openings around utility pipes. Once inside, they can chew on electrical wires, wood structures, and insulation, causing fires or even structural collapse over time. Their constant activity and gnawing also creates unwelcome noise. Squirrels further spread fleas and tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease.

Don’t let these invasive rodents wreck your home. Our squirrel removal experts will thoroughly inspect your property, identify all entry points, safely remove the squirrels, and completely seal up your home to prevent re-entry. We also clean up any mess left behind and make all necessary repairs to restore your home.

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Preventing fox squirrel infestation

Comprehensive Squirrel Inspection

The first step in effective squirrel control is a thorough inspection of your entire property. Our technicians are extensively trained in the habits and behaviors of squirrels and know all their preferred access points.

We will carefully check the roofline and gables for any small gaps or holes where tree branches overhang the roof. Squirrels also gain entrance through uncapped chimneys, loose soffits and fascia boards, gaps around attic vents, and openings around utility cables. Our inspection covers potential entry points from the ground too, like cracks in the foundation and gaps around pipes or wires.

In the attic and other interior spaces, we look for signs of active squirrels like droppings, chewed insulation, nesting material, and noises. Tracking powder placed in strategic areas can reveal activity overnight. Our thorough inspections ensure we find all current and potential squirrel access routes. This enables us to remove the current squirrels and permanently block all entries.

Humane Squirrel Trapping and Removal

Florida Wildlife Trappers values humane, ethical squirrel control services. We never use any poisons or lethal methods. Our technicians are specially trained in “soft capture” trapping techniques to trap squirrels alive without harm.

The types of live traps we use include:

  • One-way exclusion doors – these allow squirrels to leave the attic but not re-enter
  • Box traps – squirrels enter through a one-way door and are trapped inside
  • Cage traps – cages made of wire mesh with a trap door

Trap placement is critical for success. Our experts use their in-depth knowledge of squirrel behavior to place traps along natural travel routes and near identified entryways. Bait is rarely needed with proper trap placement. Traps are designed to be comfortable for the animal while keeping them securely contained until removal.

Trapped squirrels are quickly and safely transferred to our wildlife-approved transportation containers. They are immediately released on site into appropriate natural habitat or transported to be released in an approved wildlife area. This ethical “catch and release” approach ensures humane treatment without killing or relocation stress.

Flying Squirrel Infestation
Exclusion tactics such as this are used to exclude squirrels here in Florida

Sealing Squirrel Entry Points

Sealing up all possible squirrel entryways is crucial to permanently solving the problem. Our technicians perform professional-grade exclusions to keep squirrels out of your home for good. We seal all holes, cracks, and gaps with heavy-duty materials like galvanized steel mesh, copper mesh, solid metal, and concrete. Chimneys are capped with heavy-duty spark arrestors. Damaged fascia boards and soffits are repaired or replaced. Foundation cracks get sealed with concrete or steel mesh.

For long-term prevention, we also recommend trimming back any overhanging branches touching the roof. Roof vent screens should be repaired or replaced as needed. Removing exterior food sources like bird feeders helps discourage future squirrel activity near your home. With full exclusion, new squirrels can’t gain entrance.

Attic Restoration and Sanitation

While skunks themselves do not directly transmit rabies to humans, they are a major carrier of the disease in the wild. If you are sprayed by or have any physical contact with a skunk, it’s vital to capture the animal for rabies testing if possible.

Skunk droppings contain parasites including roundworms, tapeworms, and rat lungworm which can cause illness in humans. coming into contact with skunk feces should be avoided, and any that is found should be promptly cleaned up while wearing gloves and a face mask.

Skunk spray also contains chemical irritants that can cause respiratory issues or burning eyes. Ventilate affected areas thoroughly and use protective equipment when cleaning.