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Humane Wildlife Removal Services for Central Florida Homes & Businesses

At Florida Wildlife Trappers, we specialize in providing effective yet humane wildlife removal and prevention services throughout central Florida. As your local wildlife control experts, we serve homeowners and businesses across the region, handling issues ranging from nuisance raccoons in the attic to snakes found inside the home.

No wildlife problem is too big or too small for our team. We capture and remove animals humanely, seal up entry points, clean and deodorize affected areas, and take proactive steps to ensure unwanted creatures don’t return. With over a decade of experience and a commitment to compassionate animal handling, we can solve your wildlife issues for good.

From Melbourne to Orlando and all cities in between, Florida Wildlife Trappers has you covered when it comes to professional, ethical wildlife removal and control.


Beaver Removal

Adult Striped Skunk

Skunk Removal

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Armadillo Removal


Mice Control

Rat Small

Rat Control

Squirrel Small

Squirrel Removal

Raccoon Small

Raccoon Removal


Bird Control

Bat Small

Bat Removal

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Snake Removal

Our Services Include

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

We prioritize the ethical, compassionate treatment of animals in all of our wildlife removal services. Our team follows rigorous protocols to ensure the wellbeing of the critters we handle.

We use gentle, non-lethal trapping methods designed to minimize stress on animals. Traps are strategically set and baited to capture targets quickly and safely.

Once restrained, wildlife are handled with care to prevent injury or anxiety. We then relocate them to suitable habitats where they can thrive undisturbed.

Throughout the process, we strictly abide by all wildlife laws and regulations. Our practices align with guidelines set by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.

You can trust our experienced, licensed technicians to remove nuisance wildlife humanely. We aim to balance animal welfare with effective solutions for your home or business.