Brahiminy Blindsnake

Scientific Name
Indotyphlops braminus
Also Known As
Bootlace Snake, Common Blind Snake
Central and Southern Florida
Larvae, Eggs, Pupae
Life Expectancy
3 - 5 Years
The Brahiminy Blindsnake

Photo 9448495 © Anny Peralta, CC BY-NC

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This Snake is Not Venomous

The Brahiminy Blindsnake in Central Florida

The Brahiminy blindsnake (Indotyphlops braminus) is a small, secretive serpent that has become established in central Florida’s subtropical environment. Often confused with earthworms due to its tiny size and burrowing habits, the Brahiminy blindsnake has a number of unique physical and behavioral adaptations. This comprehensive guide provides detailed identification tips, biology facts, potential health risks, and prevention methods for the Brahiminy blindsnake in central Florida.

Read on to learn about this obscure underground reptile’s appearance, habits, ideal habitat conditions, diet, and professional control options if populations are impacting your property.

Appearance and Identification

The Brahiminy blindsnake has a number of distinctive features that set it apart from earthworms and other small snakes

Adult Brahiminy Blindsnake

Photo 14627972 © Wayne Fidler, CC BY-NC

Adult Brahiminy Blindsnakes

  • Size: Adults reach up to 15 inches (38 cm) in length. Females are longer than males.
  • Body: Cylindrical body covered in smooth, glossy scales arranged in 15 rows around the body.
  • Tail: Pointed tail tip used to anchor the body while burrowing.
  • Eyes: Vestigial eyes are visible as black spots beneath the head scales.
  • Color: Tan, pinkish-brown, or grayish upper body with pale cream underside.
Juvenile Brahiminy Blindsnake

Photo 173054474 © Balakrishnan Ram, CC BY-NC

Juvenile Brahiminy Blindsnakes

  • Size: Hatchlings measure around 4 inches (10 cm) in length and resemble thin earthworms.
  • Scales: The scales are smooth and iridescent, giving them a glossy sheen.
  • Color: Juveniles have a pinkish hue that gradually fades to pale brown as adults.
  • Head: The head is slightly wider than the body and rounded at the snout.