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Florida Wildlife Trappers specializes in not only removing the nuisance wildlife from your attic crawlspace, we have the ability to completely sanitize your attic from the urine and feces that is left behind. Call today for a complimentary assessment of your home or business attic crawl spaces.

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Complete Attic Decontamination services with Insulation removal if needed. Call to find out more.

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Animal Removal Orlando FL – Nuisance Animal, Wildlife, and Rodent Damage

Animals, rodents, and other wildlife can do major damage to a home or business when they get in somewhere they shouldn’t be. Lucky for our customers,

Squirrel roof damage
Squirrels on the roof! If you aren’t regularly inspecting your roof, this kind of damage can go unnoticed until you have major water damage in that section of your roof.

we can repair the damage left behind.  Most homeowners don’t realize that most of this damage is not covered by your homeowners insurance either. Taking the time and investing in re-entry prevention, also known as “critter-proofing” your home, could potentially save you thousands of damage later.

animal wall damage in florida home
Imagine coming home to this mess! Raccoons, rats, mice, and squirrels among other wildlife, sometimes build their nest in a wall and when mama is ready to go, she is ready to go.

Many people only think of rats or insects as major pest problems, never thinking about how many bats, raccoons, oppossum, squirrels, and other creatures can infiltrate our home’s attics, crawlspaces, and walls.  All of the creatures have offspring, nests, feces, food, and messes.  If the animals aren’t noticed or allowed to remain it can require complete replacement of the insulation and ceiling in the contaminated areas to truly disinfect the home.

Besides the obvious issues directly related to the animals living in the home, the damage they are causing walking on electrical wires and a/c ducts, making dens, and creating exit and entry points compromises your home, opening you up to more extensive damages from fire, water and wind.

While we are always willing to repair the immediate damage done by the animals, it is important to remember, that if you don’t take steps to remove the animals, rodents, or wildlife from your home and prevent them from re-entering, then you will most likely be facing the same problem in a few weeks or months.

If you are hearing noises in your attic, walls, or under the house, give us a call today!

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Raccoons in the attic
Raccoons in the attic? Soffit damage is a little easier to notice, however seeing the unwelcomed guest peeking out can leave an unsettling feeling.
animals in the attic ac duct damage
Does it seem like your home is hotter than it used to be? Better get in the attic and check the a/c ducts. One of the first areas that are damaged by animals in the attic.


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Our professional trappers will locate the animal or animals and remove them from your attic, crawlspace, walls, or where ever they are in your home or business. We can also inspect for their entry points and seal them so that the animals cannot return – Critter-proofing. This is an important step because otherwise you will continue to have issues with animals to getting into your home or business and causing damage.

One Year Warranty offered when you purchase Critter proofing services!




Critter Proofing & Pest Prevention Services in Orlando


Florida Wildife Trappers offers a full critter-proofing of your home along with Guaranteed work, upon inspection we will come in and pinpoint exactly where the Nuisance Wildlife has entered your home and secure the areas that are vulnerable to prevent any further nuisance wildlife issues which allows us to guarantee our work on your home. We use the strongest materials and want to keep your home streamlined cosmetically as well. 


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Trapping and Removal

Animal Trappers Orlando

We here at Florida Widllife Trappers believes that all wildlife deserves a chance to live free in the wild, and that sometimes wildlife can cross our path and become a nuisance, whether it is a Raccoon or Opossum that has taken up residence in your attic, an Armadillo that is digging up your yard or a Rat or Squirrel that has become trapped inside your home. We can help you solve any nuisance wildlife issue that may arise with your Residential Home or Commercial Property utilizing the most effective and humane traps of the trade to remove the nuisance wildlife and get them to a better habitat.


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