Animal Trapping & Wildlife Removal Orlando, FL

We here at Florida wildlife trappers understand that your home is your sanctuary and that sometimes wildlife want to make it there’s as well. When this happens we have the dedicated trapping and removal team to respond. We will first identify the type of nuisance wildlife or rodent that is causing the issue and set traps accordingly, then our dedicated inspection team will complete an exterior inspection and locate the entry and exit points around your home, therefore we can seal up the areas to prevent any further nuisance wildlife intrusions. Once we have removed any and all rodents out of your home attic or crawlspace we will then decontaminate your attic and remove any feces or scat that is left behind by the nuisance wildlife.

Wildlife Control: Raccoon, Squirrel, Rat Trapping & Removal Services in Orlando & Central Florida

We stand behind our One year Critter-proofing guarantee with options to extend the guarantee, creating an unpenetrable blockade for the life of your home.