Noises in the Attic

Hearing noises in the attic? Ghostbuster's theme song running through your head? Don't fret! At least it probably isn't a ghost. More likely it is a rat, bat, or racoon in the attic!

There is plenty to fear from nuisance animals living in the attic though! Some of the biggest concerns are:

Squirrel roof damage
Squirrels on the roof! If you aren't regularly inspecting your roof, this kind of damage can go unnoticed until you have major water damage in that section of your roof.
  • Damage to the eaves and soffit allowing water intrusion.

  • Insulation drenched in animal or rodent feces and urine.

  • Air quality and allergy issues due to animal or rodent infestation.

  • Damage to ceiling and wall drywall due to animal scratching or living in or above it.

  • Wire damage and fire hazards due to animals and rodents chewing on wires or running across them.

  • Animal deaths in unknown places and the stink that goes along with that!

Don't wait!

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Damage can be mitigated by catching it early and being proactive. Quarterly home inspections and critter-proofing measures can be taken to protect your home from animal and rodent damage. Call one of our nuisance animal and rodent trapping specialist.  Unlike traditional pest control, we trap and remove rodents and nuisance animals of all types. Nuisance Wildlife trapping and removal is our specialty.  We humanely trap and remove nuisance wildlife and animals of all kinds. Rats, Rodents, Squirrel, Possum, Raccoons, Bats, Skunk, Snakes, Mice, and many others.

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