In the Aftermath of Irma…

Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach were hit very hard by Hurricane Irma and actually had the highest recorded wind gust in Central Florida, many tornadoes, waterspouts and lots of flooding. With no power, running water, ice, gas, or supplies life can be a little scary and many people can turn inward worrying about their own needs. Not Leo. He is always putting others before himself. The morning after the storm roared through, he was out trying to help injured animals. The first rescue of the day was a pelican. Because there were no shelters available and all the bridges still closed, he took the animal and cared for it himself until it could be delivered to one of the rehab centers, where we are happy to say, it is healing nicely.
You can see a video of the rescue on our FB page

So many animals have lost their homes in this storm as well.  Many people are posting about finding baby squirrels and kittens among other creatures.  As these animals try to recover from the storm, they will look for new places to build dens.  Make sure any possible entry points are sealed and screened to help keep them out of your attic. If you come across babies, leave them where they are and monitor them to see if the mother comes back to get them.  If after 24 hours you see no signs of the mother, you can call a rescue or us to find someone to pick them up.  You can also take care of them yourself.  Most pet stores and/or animal feed stores sell a animal milk replacement formula that can be bottle fed to the animals.  Please call us if we can help you!


Animal Rescues after Hurricane Irma
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Animal Rescues after Hurricane Irma
Animal rescues never stop. Hurricane Irma took many things, including the animals' homes. Check out how Leo was working to rescue animals.
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Florida Wildlife Trappers
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