Gleason Park Shark Rescue | Shark in the Park

June 25, 2014

A day that many Brevard County residents met the shark nicknamed “Sushi”.  Apparently, an irresponsible fisherman hooked the 3′ bull shark in one of the local rivers and decided it needed a new home in Gleason Park’s pond.  Thankfully, a local resident saw the shark and reported it to officials.  After two days of trying to rescue the animal, they called Leo to request his assistance and expertise.  As usual, the trapping and rescue business is full of challenges and new situations and this was no exception.  After another full day of trying traditional trapping methods for water animals, Leo decided enough was enough.  Being a certified rescue diver and having swam with sharks before, he dove in.  Donning his scuba gear, he entered the murky pond water to search for and guide the shark into a net being held by other volunteers.  Thankfully his idea worked! The shark was guided into the net and moved back to the river where he was released unharmed.

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Gleason Park Shark Rescue | Shark in the Park
Article Name
Gleason Park Shark Rescue | Shark in the Park
Rescue of "Sushi the Shark", a bull shark dumped in the freshwater pond at Gleason Park in Indian Harbor Beach, FL. Story by Leo Cross, trapper