You may not be sure if you have a rat or mouse problem.  One way to tell is by size.  Rats are larger than a mice.  Rats are know to spread up to 35 diseases to humans through direct contact or by their feces, urine, and saliva from a bite.  Most of the time you will be able to hear rats in your roof at night time when they are most active. The Roof Rat and the Norway Rat is the most common rat that we find in homes. It is very important to rid your home of rats as soon as possible because they have the ability to produce up to 20 offspring in one year.  Rats are very destructive and a grease mark can usually be found where they enter the home.  They chew through water lines and A/c vents looking for water and are very tolerant of heat making attic and crawl spaces the perfect habitat.  Give us a call @ 407-617-1193 so our experienced tech can solve your rodent issue quickly.