Out of the 60 different species of opossum the most common in the state of Florida is the Virginia opossum. It is the only animal in North America that has a pouch like Australia’s kangaroo. When a Florida possum is born it is almost as small as a honey bee. This is why the female opossums have a pouch so the tiny babies can develop. As the baby opossums develop they can be seen coming out of their mothers pouch and riding on her back as she looks for food. Although a litter can contain 20 opossum babies only half normally survive till they are an adult.
The main reason you will come into contact with opossums is that they are scavengers. They normally visit homes and businesses to look through garbage cans and dumpsters of all sizes. Their normal diet includes grass, nuts, and fruit but they will hunt birds, worms, and snakes if the opportunity arises.
Opossums have sharp claws and a long tail which they can use as an extra limb. This makes them very good tree climbers. They commonly live in tree holes and a banded dens made by other animals.

Fast Facts

Type: Mammal
Size:Length from nose to tail, 2.5 ft. (76 cm)
Weight:8.8 to 13.2 lb. (4 to 6 kg)
Group name: Passel
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