Because of their very scary appearance, bats, are not getting the appreciation they deserve.  Each year bats are estimated to save over $3 Billion dollars for farmers by eating pests that would destroy crops. One bat is said to eat up to 1000 mosquitoes and other insects per night.  Bats are major pollinators of avacado trees and they have a hard time getting started without help from bats.  In Florida, we have 13 species of bats.  The most common species is the Brazilian (Mexican) Free- tailed Bat which is the most abundant mammal in the world!  These bats typically form hugh colonies of several thousand.  Bats do not build nests and females give birth to one bat or pup each year. They are usually giving birth from mid April through July and their pup will start to fly in 3 to 6 weeks.  Bats are protected in the state of Florida and should not be harmed.  Other common colonizing bat species found in florida include the Big Brown Bat, The Evening Bat, Rafinesque’s Big- eared Bat, and the Southern Myotis.  Bats have a huge impact on the enviornment and its very important to preserve every colony.  If you have a bat issue please call us @ 407-617-1193 for a free estimate.  We will exclude the colony from your home or business and prevent re entry in the future.